Hi there!

 me ft. some dan flavin at DIA: Beacon

me ft. some dan flavin at DIA: Beacon

Hi! I'm Jess, a product designer currently based in the Bay Area.

I grew up in the best/worst state in the country, New Jersey, and I’m currently a senior at UC Berkeley studying Cognitive Science and Asian American/Asian Diaspora Studies. I just finished up a summer internship with Facebook in Menlo Park, CA and currently advise the team at Berkeley Innovation. On weekends, I serve as a teaching assistant for Inneract Project. In the past, I've been able to work with UC Berkeley Student Information Systems - CalCentralthe Berkeley ForumXero, Indiegogo, BBox, and Ongo

Outside of design, I’m interested in exploring Asian American identity and linguistics and sometimes the intersection of those two things. You can also find me doing yoga, dogspotting, cooking, making collaborative playlists on Spotify with my friends, and ✨ throwing ✨ sparkle ✨ emojis ✨ everywhere ✨ I ✨go ✨✨✨✨✨. 

Thanks for stopping by!