I’m graduating! graduated?

Fall 2018

Here is a very long, very unsolicited, very unorganized list of thoughts, things I learned, things I like, things I hate, things I know about, etc. compiled in to this long numbered list that I will call my guide to surviving berkeley?

  1. take care of ur health! sleep, stay hydrated, do what u need to do to feel healthy

  2. auxiliary point: bay area tap water is great. 

  3. routesy is the best app for tracking bus schedules and bart schedules (caveat is that they don’t have bear transit, use nextbus for that)

  4. hike the big c as much as u can. cheapskate hill a concert at the greek at least once

  5. re: concerts. the bay area concert scene is amazing. we got the greek in berkeley, fox in oakland, bill graham and regency and fillmore and warfield and clubs in sf, oracle, sap center, etc. literally every artist who i listen to who’s toured in the last 4 years has played a show here

  6. hike the fire trails! go uphill on dwight and the trails start where dwight ends. u don’t have to go up that much before the views of oakland/bay/sf are beautiful

  7. make a trip up to grizzly peak at some point in your time at berkeley. by trail, just keep following the fire trails up (i think, i only did this once and it’s 3 miles very uphill and it killed my back). by car, drive up piedmont to bowles, turn right up towards stadium, and make a left towards strawberry canyon pool, then follow the road all the way up. super cool to catch view when it’s sunset, when it’s foggy in the bay (hey karl), or during a meteor shower

  8. never bike down parker or milvia, they’re literally the least maintained roads in this city

  9. the nicest bathrooms on campus are the ones near the OCF, the ones just past the entrance to doe that faces the back of wheeler, in the basement of MLK and the bathrooms in jacobs. moffitt 4th floor, wheeler 1st floor, any dwinelle bathroom, and near 2050 vlsb are the worst

  10. yoga to the people is the best yoga studio in berkeley and maybe anywhere (it’s also donation based! so u don’t need to drop like $25/class or smth wild like that)

  11. auxiliary point: yoga with adriene on youtube is lovely

  12. tara’s and lush are the best ice cream/gelato spots. ici is overrated/overpriced

  13. how to poach an egg in the microwave: find a shallow/ish cup, fill with 1/3 cup water, and a teaspoon or so of vinegar (any form works, i use black vinegar bc that’s what i have). crack the egg directly into this cup. microwave ~1 min, depending on the power of ur microwave. get the egg out using a slotted spoon. serve!

  14. to make vague fried rice: you need a grain (white rice, jasmine rice, brown rice, quinoa, etc.) some veggies (peas, corn, carrots, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, celery, etc.) and optionally proteins (egg, chicken, chinese sausage, shrimp, italian sausage works tbh) sautee veggies first, then add optional proteins, then add beaten egg. add grain, then add sesame oil, soy sauce, oyster sauce to taste. serve!

  15. hmu for my dumpling recipe (although i gotta get my mom’s permission to share this secret family information first.. … hehe)

  16. the white and navy canvas trader joe’s reusable bags are absolutely worth the $2. they carry so much

  17. best trader joe’s items: frozen mangos, almond/dark chocolate cookies (in the bucket), creamy autumn squash sauce (lmao that sounds funny), brussel sprout ravioli (idk if this is actually its name, but it’s a seasonal fall item), and any of their deliciously fruity bellinis

  18. last list item about drinking i promise: how to make a wine smoothie. fill ur blender almost full of frozen fruit of ur choice (my favorite combo is frozen mango + white wine), and then fill ur blender almost full of wine. blend. add a bit more wine. blend. serve. thank u to haley, maureen, and anderson for introducing these to me and sharing them w me regularly

  19. the best class i’ve taken at school has been aaads 172 with fae myenne ng: asian american literature. if ur asian american i highly highly recommend this class. hmu for other aaads class recs and i’ll try my best 

  20. other classes that i really enjoyed: ling 100 (intro), ling 109 (bilingualism), aaads 141 (law + asian americans, no longer offered tho, sad), also take freshman seminars if u can

  21. if u want to take design classes at berkeley, the one that i found to be most fulfilling/interesting was critical practices with jill miller (critical making w eric paulos i’ve heard is also good)

  22. take the human-centered design decal (des inv 98), the web design decal (cs 198?), and next semester, the beyond design thinking decal (new media 198!! it’s new!!)

  23. uuuuugh cog sci 1 and 190 were the worst classes i took at berkeley. msg me if u want detailed thoughts on this lmao (cc haley and uma)

  24. my personal strategy for getting into impacted classes was to pick shitty discussion times - 8 am sections are usually unpopular, so you’re more likely to get into the class. or try to take classes that don’t have discussion tbh. if waitlisting into a class, always waitlist into the emptiest section.

  25. never delete anything from your class registration shopping cart until you’re completely done with registration, otherwise you might never be able to get that class into your shopping cart again. 

  26. mezzo sells $1 bags of bread ends

  27. if getting chipotle on telegraph, always order online otherwise u have to wait forever

  28. but honestly, don’t waste ur money at chipotle. get tacos sinaloa

  29. RSF cycling classes might be one of the best things that happened to me at berkeley (and they’re free!)

  30. saigon express $4 banh mis are all u need to eat tbh, just kinda sux that they’re downtown

  31. oh but for good southside eats cheese n stuff is cheap good sandwiches, poke parlor is p worth the money, and mezzo will smack u in the face w the biggest salad you’ve ever seen

  32. ok one more drinking list item! east bay spice co. has cool drinks and really good bar food (like they have their own tandoor and make fresh naan)

  33. ippudo is not worth the money or the wait

  34. get urself to thai temple brunch at least once in ur time at berkeley

  35. oh theraphu burmese food downtown has this platter thing for like $28 that’s two appetizers, choice of salad, choice of 2 rice, choice of 2 curries, and it is so so good and so so worth. def feeds at least 3 people, or 2 very hungry people

  36. join berkeley innovation :~)

  37. the best dessert on southside is at uji time

  38. lmk if u need an iclicker bc for some reason i have 4 in my apartment (or contact gloria ab this)

  39. literally nothing is worth the price at GBC. don’t buy anything if you don’t have a meal plan

  40. maaaaaan ugh the meal plan used to be worth it but not it is n o t 

  41. chengdu style is the best chinese food near campus

  42. try to get a meal at international house at least once

  43. ladle and leaf is a waste of money (cc marisa)

  44. as is the subway on bancroft and telegraph

  45. berkeley bowl’s twitter is worth a follow

  46. make sure to check ur absentee ballot/mail-in ballot address every year!!

  47. brunch is overrated but if u rly rly gotta go, berkeley social club has the best brunch for the price. i still stan thai temple brunch above all else tho

  48. don’t overfill the washing machine when doing laundry this will only cause unwanted trouble

  49. how to avoid flyers on sproul: headphones, sunglasses, bitch face

  50. i.. .. get asked this a lot so … the brow product i use (and have been using since early sophomore year) is the tarte amazonian clay waterproof brow mousse — currently $29 on their website and comes with a brush. i’ve been using the same pot forever (maybe for questionably long) and this is truly truly waterproof and so worth the money. i have worked out and showered and still had them on. but when they gotta come off i just lightly scrub w/ cetaphil face wash and they come right off!

  51. but above all, stay! hydrated! 

also, shoutout to the friends who’ve stuck w me thru berkeley, and my family and friends from nj for still remembering me and loving me even though i’ve been out here for the last few years! :~)